May Virtual Training Program - CLOSED- Training Ends June 11th, 2020

Additional details regarding Chicago Inferno virtual training program:

1)  Training sessions are conducted LIVE Monday through Thursday at 5:30pm CST

2)  If player is unavailable to view LIVE session(s), the video will be available on the site upon conclusion each day for unlimited views through June 12th

3) To participate in trainings, player simply needs a ball and open  6 ft x 6ft area (or greater) to train. In addition to physical soccer equipment, player will also need access to internet and a device (phone, tablet, computer, TV, etc) that can access Facebook.  (See FAQs below for more additional information regarding Facebook)

4) Virtual training is performed using a secured Facebook group page - you must have a Facebook account or create an account to be able to view/access the live/stored training sessions. (See FAQs below for more additional information regarding Facebook)

5) Once access is granted, you will have the ability to view all training videos along with unlimited viewing rights for your entire household

6) Assistance is always available by emailing with any questions or concerns you may have.


Q: Why is the training being done on Facebook Live?
We've selected Facebook Live because:
1) Affords us the security of ensuring only registered paid players can access the training
2) Allows us to visually connect with you while maintaining your player's privacy at home  (We can not see nor hear your player- player can only see us)
3) User friendly tools are available to better connect us with our players 
Q: I don't currently have a Facebook account, how can my player participate?
Unfortunately, you must have a Facebook account to participate. Creating a Facebook account is easy and can be deleted when you no longer have a need to use Facebook Live for training.
To create an account, Facebook requires only a name, email or mobile number, date of birth and gender.  Once account is created, you DO NOT have to provide any additional information to Facebook regarding your account (simply skip the rest of the setup process)
Q: Does my player need to create a Facebook account or can they use my account?
We intentionally scheduled training sessions to occur at 5:30pm each day so a parent/guardian can be accessible to log their player onto the Chicago Inferno Spring Training group page.  You do NOT need to create a new Facebook account just for your player.
Q: Will joining the Chicago Inferno Spring Training group impact my personal Facebook account?
No, the Facebook Chicago Inferno Spring Training group page is separate from your personal page.  Once you obtain access to the group, all activities, videos, etc will occur within that specific page. There are no advertisements, personal posts, etc occurring within the  Chicago Inferno Spring Training group page. Player will only view content directly related to Chicago Inferno in a safe & secure environment.
Q: What technology is required for my player to be able to participate in the virtual online training sessions?
Player simply needs to be in front of a device that is connected to the Internet and logged into the Chicago Inferno Spring Training group page within Facebook.  They can download the Facebook App to their cell phones/tablets/iPads or they can go to > >  Chicago Inferno Spring Training group on a computer to view.  It is also ideal for player to hear Coach Ewerton's instructions,so please ensure they are in an area where they can hear the video's audio
Q: Do I need to purchase anything for the training sessions in advance?
No, in terms of physical equipment, just the player, a ball, and a flat surface is required. Before each training session, we'll post if other items are needed in advance. For example, there may be a session that includes four cones for an exercise.  Player does not need to own cones. They can easily substitute any number of household items for cones (toilet paper rolls, coasters, plastic cups, etc). 
Q: What type of space is needed for my player to participate?
With virtual training sessions being done real time, we understand how the weather can vary day by day.  Ideally, if the player has available a 6 ft x 6 ft space anywhere within the home, they should not be limited in participating.  If your space is not suited for a soccer ball to be rolled on the floors indoor, feel free to substitute the ball with a softer foam ball. Soccer ball also doesn't have to be their age group size (3,4, or 5) Any size ball will be adequate since much of the training is focused on footwork and such.